How To Know When It’s Time For A Website Re-Design

How To Know When It’s Time For A Website Re-Design

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Are you a business owner with a website that is difficult to view on different devices?

Maybe It’s Time For a Website Redesign

Technology is an ever changing area that we as business owners need to try and stay on top of.

User experience is what makes or breaks your business. How your website performs, determines if you get their business or they go do business with someone else.

The first impression is sometimes the only chance you have to gain their business. Once you have a bad first impression, that user may be gone forever to never check your site out again.

People these days have a short attention span so we need to make sure that we optimize every part of your site to keep them interested.

Interactive websites that are highly responsive across all devices is inoperative.

Redesigning your website to be optimized on mobile should be a priority over desktop view.

You need to make sure your site looks good on mobile browsers and allows easy navigation throughout.

About 60% of all users will view your site on the phone and if they read your text, or it just doesn’t fit their phone screen, they just move on to your competitor.

It sounds harsh but it’s true.

If you aren’t keeping up with your competitors and your site is stuck in the past you are losing money, and it adds up.

Most people research your product or service online before they buy or do business with you.

If they don’t like your website, often time the user believes the service or product is sub-par and won’t even consider buying.

It can hurt your brand. You want to be known as a business savvy professional.

Poorly designed websites send a message that you may not be serious about your business or that you are outdated or have a poor quality product or service.

Think about how you use the internet. What kinds of sites do you enjoy browsing? What catches your eye and what makes you click?

Customers like beautiful, stylish, easy to use websites that give them the information they want to know.

After all, they came to your site to learn more about your business.

Showcase your business and make your customers want to contact you by simply redesigning your website every so often.

  • Keep an eye on your competitors and see what their website looks like. What do they offer?
  • How do they communicate with their customers?
  • How many options are there?

Simplicity is often better than too many options.

A confused customer won’t buy or choose your business and they will look for something easier to use and less overwhelming.

People like choices but don’t over do it.

Simpler is Better

Only choose about two or three main brand colors and fonts.

Use high quality compressed photos so your websites’ performance isn’t slowed down.

When you use your website, act like you are the user, and think about the types of questions you might be looking for answers to.

Go through and change your site when needed and pay attention to the data once you make changes.

Does your traffic change? Increasing or Decreasing Steadily?

How many leads are you getting?

Record the date you make changes and the amount of traffic.

If you’re not sure if you need a redesign, contact us for a FREE website report card/analysis.

We also offer a Free 15-min Website Consultation Call if you’d rather talk to our website designers.

We specialize in user experience and gaining leads for small businesses.

You only get one chance at a first impression. Don’t drive away your customers because of a dated, ugly website.

Trends change often and you need to stay current and relevant by keeping up and adapting when needed.

Leave us a comment with any questions you may have or just to let us know how you manage keeping your website fresh and updated.

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