4 Steps To Build Your Online Presence

4 Steps To Build Your Online Presence

4 Steps To Build Your Online Presence

4 simple steps to build your online presence

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How To Grow Your Online Presence

Starting a business is full of fun and unique unexpected tasks you never used to think about before.

  • Solve a deep pain or desire for your chosen niche
  • Develop the solution into an easily distributed product
  • Create systems for your business
  • Social media marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Creating your logos
  • Choosing fonts
  • Color schemes
  • Photography for your website

The list goes on and that’s just for your online stuff.

There is so much more to your business that you need to learn how to juggle.

We here at GrowDyno want to help businesses like yours, take some of those tasks off of your plate. We can help you two ways, teach you to do it for yourself through our super mini-course, or we can take care of it for you.

It’s totally up to you. Through our content, we try and teach you step by step how to create your own brand. Your online presence is more important to your business than you might think.

Most people these days do research online before they buy and good or service.

We want your customers to come to you and see that you have a professional online presence and you can help satisfy whatever your good or service solves for them.

If you’re ready to take action and learn the simple ways we create and grow a brand for businesses, join our Free mini-course, Be Your Brand.

If you want to just skip all of that and have us help you get it done then click here for more information on how to work with us.

We offer beautiful web design but we can also help you create a beautiful design that matches your website and all of your social media platforms. We can set you up with a communication app to help your customers get in touch with you. We also will help manage all the behind the scenes techy website stuff so you don’t have to.

We want you to be able to focus on growing your business. It takes work to learn how to run your website smoothly while trying to focus on your business.

Let us help you 😉

One of my favorite things to do it work as a freelance website consultant.  We can help you by giving you a quick website evaluation and give you some feedback on how you can improve and tweak your website.

4 Steps To Build Your Online Presence

1.Create Social Media Profiles For All Of Your Favorite Platforms.

Most people will tell you to only choose one or two platforms.  I also believe you should focus only on one or two, BUT I also believe in looking into the future and planning ahead.  I want you to go and make an account for any social media platforms you think you may want to be on or wherever your audience mostly hangs out.  This is to claim the name and so you can in the future put more time into it when you are more established.

2.Focus Only On One or Two Platforms At a Time

Learn all there is to know about the one or two platforms where your audience mostly hangs out. (Example: Facebook & Instagram) Create a routine to be active on these platforms and get to know your people and grow your following.

3.Engage With your Audience and be REAL

Connect with your audience, getting to know their needs and desires.  Tell your story and be a real person trying to help them from the goodness from your heart.  Get personal and get to know how you can help them better and gain their trust and grow your fan base.  People can relate better with you the more they learn about you and how you want to help them.  Once they gain value from you and the more you show you care, the better chances they are to be your customer.

4.Stay Consistent With Your Message/Image/Colors & Branding

In order to be recognizable and memorable, stay consistent with your style and colors and fonts.  Always share the same message and mission.  Allow others to understand you and your business by being transparent and true to why you’re in business and why you do what you do.

Follow these simple steps to create a personal or business online presence and grow your audience.  Once you start to grow your audience and following you can engage and nurture your following.  Once they grow to like you and your business they are more likely to become customers.

Win your followers over by giving what you can for free and help them solve problems by giving as much upfront value.  Then they will get a taste of what you can offer them and they will grow to love your products and become a loyal customer.

Leave us some comments below and let us know the ways you grow your brand and your online presence.  If you need help creating a great brand, join our free mini-course: Be Your Brand OR let us know you need help here and we can do it with you.

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